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po4 fu3 chen2 zhou1
Breaking the woks and sinking the boats.
To burn one's boats. Break the pans and sink the boats, since we will either win or die, but never retreat to this camp! Describing a person with the strong conviction of never to retreat. Determination to fight a decisive battle.
po4 jing4 chong2 yuan2
A broken mirror rejoined.
The reunion of a married couple after an enforced separation. Compare with 藕断丝连 (ou3 duan4 si1 lian2).
fu4 chao2 wu2 wan2 luan3
When the nest is overturned, no egg stays unbroken.
When the whole is destroyed, the part cannot be expected to survive. To be in the same boat. Alternative form: 覆巢之下,岂有完卵 (fu4 chao2 zhi1 xia4, qi3 you3 wan2 luan3).

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断桥 [duàn qiáo] The Broken Bridge (at West Lake in Hangzhou)


敝 [bì] break; broken; defeated; destroy; my (polite); poor; ruined; shabby; tattered; worn out

残 [cán] broken; cruel; destroy; disabled; incomplete; injure; oppress; oppressive; ruin; savage; spoil

破 [pò] break; broken; damaged; destroy; rout; ruin; to break; to split; worn out

碎 [suì] break; broken; busted; fragmentary; smash; to break down; to break into pieces

坏 [huài, pī] bad; broken down; rotten; spoilt

折 [zhé, shé, zhē] bend; break off; snap; tenth (in price); to break; to fold; to turn

糗 [qiǔ] (surname); broken grain; dry provisions; parched wheat or rice


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