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Источник для словаря: Romanian English Dictionary (MF)
Больше: Перевод stat с румынский на английский
(faptul de a sta) = standing
pol. state
(rămânere) = stay(ing)
mai ales amer. government
(rămânere) = remaining
(rămânere) = abiding
(oprire) = stopping
(statură) = stature
(statură) = figure
(înălţime) = heightafacere / chestiune de stat = public matter / affair
afacere / chestiune de stat = state affair
arhivele statului (clădire) = public record office
arhivele statului (documente) = state archives
bancă de stat = State bank
biserică de stat (mai ales în Anglia şi Scoţia) = Established Church
biserică de stat = national church
bun al statului = public property
cârma statului = government
cârma statului = helm (of the ship) of state
consiliu de stat (secret în Anglia) = Private Council
consiliu de stat = council of state
consiliu de stat = state council
corabia statului = the ship of state
documente de stat (vechi, din arhivă) = public records
documente de stat = state papers
economie de stat = national economy
efecte de stat = public securities
efecte de stat = stocks
formă de stat = form of a state
funcţie de stat = civil / public service
instituţie de stat = government institution
împrumut de stat = government loan
lovitură de stat = coup d'etat
lovitură de stat = overthrow of the constitution
mic de stat = midget
mic de stat = of diminutive size
ministru de stat = minister of State
om de stat = statesman
raţiune de stat = state reason
secret de stat = state secret
secretar de stat = secretary of State
stat de funcţii / de personal = personal establishment
stat de pensii odin. = pension list
stat de plată = pay list
stat de plată = schedule of payments
stat de salarii = pay list
stat de salarii = paysheet; amer. = payroll
stat major = (general) staff
stat major = general staff
stat major = headquarters
stat personal = personal record
statele generale ist. = the States-General; amer. = tables of organization
statul bunăstării = the welfare state
statul de democraţie populară = the people's democratic state
şcoală de stat = government / board school
şeful statului = the head of the state
venitul statului = the inland revenue
vistieria statului odin. = the exchequer
vistieria statului odin. = the public treasury

Источник для словаря: Victors - Romanian English Dictionary
Больше: Перевод stat с румынский на английский
to booze ● to guzzle ● to tipple. to smell stale. ec. to pass an account for payment. to receive a State grant. to be subsidized by the State. to set up / to erect a statue. v. ~ în barbă. to settle (down) in a locality / a place. to tug at one's moustache. to make a bid for power ● to attempt a coup (d'état). to raise / to erect a statue. to sprout a moustache. to glow with pride / satisfaction. a-i miji mustaţa to sprout a moustache. to shave off / to take off one's moustache. to twist / to turn up one's moustache ● to twiddle / to twirl one's moustache. prov. the devil lurks behind the cross ● still waters run deep ● flee from still waters. prov. if there were no clouds, we should not enjoy the sun. there is no denying it. undersized. v. ~ cârma ~. (sitting) at the helm / the stern of the state. coup (d'État). very small ● stunted ● midget ● of small stature / height ● elev. of diminutive size. glum. small but efficient. drooping moustaches. will you join us? join our party? rolling stones. statesman. prov. a rolling stone gathers no moss. reason of state. steadfast in love. what I say, goes. stand so! 'no waiting' ● auto 'parking prohibited' ● 'no parking here'. under government control. your presence is requested at... under government control. a man of solid build. where do you live?

Источник для словаря: Victors - Idioms Dictionary (Romanian-English)
Больше: Перевод stat с румынский на английский
state; polity

Источник для словаря: DREFOC Romanian-English Dictionary
Больше: Перевод stat с румынский на английский
standing placefilling stationcalorstatstatic toe-inelectrostatic spray(ing) paintingPhilips screwthermostat(ic) controlstatistical designstatic memory; static storage(USA)unsteady motionsteady-state motionsteady-state regimeastatic controlled systemdown-timerandomizationkeyboardload rheostataerostataerostaticram-jet engineathodyddespatch stationtransit stationterminal / terminusstationterminalstationastatinealabamineeka-iodine; astatineelectrostatic precipitationpipette standelectric / electrostatic precipitator; electric separatorparking lane / stripstandstatic coefficient of frictionsimple constructionnotchrabbetstatic frictionstatic moduluscoggingpayrollconcrete mixing plant; concreting plantcompressed-air plantparkingstatic deflectionbaygroovestatical teststatic load testwitness pointslotted holestructural staticsdapragquiescent loadstatutory fundssatffwages payroll (USA)statutearmature slotastatization, astatizingslot windingstatic converterelectrostatic screenstatic fieldelectrostatic fieldself-starterstatic electricitystring electrometerelectrostatic(al)electrostaticsslotted armaturelaw of electrostatic attractionmagnetostaticsinfluence machinestator core / magnetical coreslot wedgeslot pitchloading testslide-wire resistance / rheostatstarter / starting rheostatloading regulatorstarting and reversing rheostatseries rheostatadjustable resistancestep-down stationstep-up stationsubstationstatic over-voltagestationary wavestanding wavestatorFaraday cage / screenvaneslitstatistical uncertaintystatistical mechanicsbound levelsteady-state oscillationstylosstatistical weightstatistical accuracystatisticalcritical pointstatistical thermodynamicsthermostatwater headcamera mountingcrisp picturewslotsteadyflutepersistenceseveresplitstagnant watershallow layerstll waterstanding waterimpounded / impound waterchannelgauged datumwater fascinehydrostaticswater pressurehydrostatic head / pressurestatisticsstatic headbranding ironinlaid wprkinlaymarquetrybranched knotslitting cuttermatchedgashslotted headcleaved headPhillips headpump barrelnotcheddodged-upair vanenecked partground-in pistonastatic governorstatic governorsplined pinslotted pinslotted bolt, slotted head boltslit end / nosedground down; ground-inslittingslittedinlaidholderV-notchslitting filedeviancesampling theorycross pointregressionaggregate chartquasi-stationarystatic equilibrumstatic balancestanding balancestatic stressstatical momentstatic strenghtstatic loadstatic loadingstaticstatically determinatestatically indeterminatestaticsoverstressingbursting teststatic testsingle-V groovefeather-edge filenick bend testnotch bending testshooting stationstyluspotentiometer rheostatcartridgesteady-state flowpotential head / pressurerefuelling depotproduct terminalboosting stationfinger boardlamp tripodelectrostatic screening / shieldingsending stationwalkie-talkieradar ( radio detection and ranging ); radar set / stationdiscoverdetectadjustedastaticstatical characteristicfindingshack counter / watchjaggedsteady flowfixedincrustationnon-stationarynon-steadystatic pressureslottingstaticalpumping plant; pump house; pumping stationunattended pumping stationbimetallic thermostatsteady-state value; steady valuestationarymortisemateindentraggedredundantmusty

Источник для словаря: Victors - Romanian English Technical Dictionary
Больше: Перевод stat с румынский на английский